Asana Brand Refresh

Art Direction • Branding • Illustration
We developed a new flexible identity, aiming to balance both Asana's sophisticated and playful sides.

Client: Asana
Designers: Maya Ealey, Roger Hensley, Hannah Swann, Devin Jacoviello


Asana was confronted with the reality that all fast growing tech companies do; we’ve grown up past our brand. We aimed to create visual system that accurately embodies the spirit of the Asana brand, and extended that across all touch points — from the product, to communications, to environments, to a full-scale digital ecosystem.

Our answer emerged when we looked back at the core of what we do. “Bring work together”. What happens when you clear the distractions of the world? When our customers open up our product, they are greeted by a world devoid of chaos. They are able to effortlessly focus, collaborate and execute with heightened clarity. Asana customers can deepen into their work and focus on things that matter. Our identity aims to capture that feeling.

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