Getting started

Getting Started

If you are not very familiar with Webflow, we highly recommend you to take the Webflow 101 Crash Course from Webflow University, as it will teach you all the basics to get up and running.

Dark & Light mode

Inside the "Starter" directory, you'll find two pages titled "Dark Mode" and "Light Mode". This templates include a navigation bar, a footer and all interactions you'll need – the ideal starting point for your pages.

  • duplicate this page template
  • copy sections from any page, then paste them into the body of your newly created page. Also you may copy sections from any page listed on the main landing page.
Style Guide

The Style Guide page demonstrates the display of all base elements found in this template. The Style Guide provides a central location to make stylistic changes to your site.

Custom Code

Inside the Project Settings, in the Custom Code tab you'll notice some style code has been added to the head of each page.This code is to ensure that the text rendering is smooth and consistent across all browsers. It does not require any action on your part.